Increase trust and boost your online conversion rates

Being one of the strongest brands in the Nordics has its perks - our well-known and trusted brand will help you sell more.

One of the most common reasons for shopping cart abandonment is lack of trust in the checkout process.

With Nordea, you can rest easy knowing that we’re known for our rigorous safety standards.

Process payments the way your customers expect you to

Customers expect you to support their preferred payment methods. Nordea Connect comes equipped with the most common Nordic payment methods - and is completed by global payment methods like card payments, to offer you a comprehensive offering.

representation of payment methods types like card payment, mobile payment etc

Flexibility of choice

The way you use Nordea Connect is up to you. Whether you want to use only one or all of our Nordic-spanning payment methods, that's up to you. We can be an add-on to your existing payment methods or handle your entire checkout experience.

puzzles representing flexibility in payment given by nordea connect

Generate reports and analytics

Stay in control with the Nordea Connect Merchant Portal. We provide tools to monitor your transactions, stay on top of your traffic and create daily watchlists.

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Save card details

Customers can save their debit and credit card details for reuse within Nordea Connect. This means that future payments can be processed faster and offer a better customer experience.

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Safety at our core

Peace of mind for you and your customers

A Fraud Engine that protects you

Our smart fraud prevention and risk management tools and algorithms help you convert more sales, while at the same time protecting your bottom line.

Your customer and data is yours, and yours alone

We have a different relationship to data and privacy than most other players in this field. As a bank, we make a large commitment to data and will be the guardian of your transaction data and customer data. But in the end, that data is yours. With Nordea Connect, you choose how your consumer data is handled and what interface your customer is met by.

Always compliant, always secure

Nordea Connect will always be compliant with all regulations and safety requirements so both you and your customer can rest easy knowing that we will always ensure the highest encryption and security standards within online payments. We worry about compliance, new regulations and safety so that you can focus on growing your business.

Let your customers choose the most convenient payment method


Card payments

Debit and credit cards

Visa Card
Master Card
American Express
Diners Club


Coming soon

Card payments are one of the most popular payment methods to make online purchases in both the Nordics and globally. Nordea Connect lets you accept all major debit and credit cards, so that you can reach both your local and global audiences.


Mobile & wallet based payments







Coming soon



Coming soon

In all of our Nordic markets, we are seeing immense growth in mobile payments. The adoption is high and users are increasingly preferring to pay with mobile payment methods.


Bank online payments

For Finland only

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OP logo.
Danske Bank logo.
S-pankki logo.
Alandsbanken logo.
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Handelsbanken logo.
Omasp logo.
POP Panki logo.
Saastopankki logo.
Aktia logo.

The most common payment method in Finland is bank online payments. To fully help you reach the Finnish market, Nordea Connect supports all major Finnish banks to help you increase your conversion and meet your customers' expectations.


Pay after delivery

Invoice and split payments

After Pay logo.

An increasing number of consumers prefer to pay after delivery. This is because invoice is considered a very secure payment method that allows the customer to postpone the payment until the item has been received. You can offer your customers the option of paying within 14 days or splitting up their payments over time.

Flexible integration

You choose how to integrate with Nordea Connect

Plug-n-play plugins

For all leading e-commerce platforms, Nordea Connect provides plugin modules to simplify the integration of Nordea Connect with your chosen platform.

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Woo commerce logo.
Presta shop logo.
Opencart logo.
Drupal logo.

Coming soon

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Magneto logo.

Magento 1.9.x

Documentation Installation bundle

Magento 2.3.x

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WooCommerce 3.5.x

Documentation Installation bundle
Drupal logo.

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Hosted pages

Through the hosted pages integration, you embed a payment link in your checkout page which directs your consumer to a payment page provided by Nordea Connect.

Nordea Connect Hosted Payment Page Integration Reference

API Integration

The API integration option can provide freedom for all transaction methods not just credit card transactions.

Nordea Connect Server to Server API Reference

Other downloads

Nordea Connect Integration Handbook Nordea Connect Service Description Nordea Connect Key Generator

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