Generating Reports


As a precautionary routine and for risk mitigation purposes, we strongly recommend you to secure a back-up copy of your transaction data at all times. In the Merchant Portal below Reports, you have the ability to generate customized reports that suit your needs.


In a worst case scenario, where something would go wrong and data was lost, the most important parameter is the provider_ref. With it, you are able to cross-reference transactions with the different payment providers


Documentation for fetching the transaction data via the API can be found here. 
Reports Sidepanel


To create a new report template through the “Dynamic reports” tab, start by entering a name for the new template. We recommend using a descriptive template name, so you can easily identify what the template captures.

Cuistomer Name And Reference


You are able to customize the content of the report by choosing the parameters you want visible, and in what column. You are even able to add additional sheets for Excel through the + sign in the lower-left corner next to the “Sheet 1” tab.




There are several alternatives for adding and combining different parameters. The default parameters available come from the transaction object. To add a parameter, click the green + sign and start typing, e.g. “status” or “transaction” or “amount” to see available parameters in the dropdown menu. An example of this can be seen below:




Select the parameter you wish to add, and use the + sign to add further parameters. Drag and drop added parameters to select the desired order of the columns.


We strongly recommend including the provider_ref parameter. This can be used to cross-reference transactions with different payment method providers.


When the report template is ready, you can use it to export data from a specified timeframe below the “Reports” tab. You are able to export the reports in XLS, JSON, CSV, XML or HTML format.


The preview does not show all transactions, so please select “Export” to download the report.




You can also filter the reports, leaving only the transactions you are looking for.



In the example below, only transactions with the payment method “credit_card” are shown.

Filter Credit Card




Please reach out to our support for help! We recommend e-mailing If possible, include a step-by-step description of what you’re trying to do and screenshots of the issue at hand.