Payment Links



1 Full amount of transaction including VAT. Must be entered with two decimal places. (Mandatory).


2 Full amount of VAT. Must be entered with two decimal places. (Mandatory).


3 Currency, you can only select the ones that are set up with your payment provider.


4 If you do not want to perform a capture automatically you can check this box to authorise the transaction only.


5 Test or live mode. Can be set to live mode if you are configured for production environment.


6  Here, a payment token can be added to capture a payment from the customer immediately.


7 Payment reference, must be unique for each transaction but is automatically generated every time the payment form menu is opened. (Mandatory).


8 Here, you can add a customer reference so that the customer is created under the “customers” menu for the customer.


9 Success and error url. (Mandatory).


10 Check the box if you want the card to be stored and used as a token or for recurring payment. If you check the box, you can choose a subscription plan to start with the payment.


11 Here, you can add an additional webhook if you so wish. The normal webhooks setup in the webhook menu will trigger on the payment if their triggers are fulfilled.


12 Add metadata such as customer address or similar. A proper JSON is needed to add it.


13 Add items to the transaction. For Apple Pay or for invoice payments like AfterPay to work you need to add an item. VAT in items is stated as a percentage and not an amount. The entire amount of all items
needs to be included in the total amount of the transaction (see point 1). The fields under invoice information should be left empty, invoice information will be entered in the payment window.


14 If you want a specific payment method to show as the first option, you can choose it here.


15 If you want a specific template to be used you can choose that here, otherwise the default template will be used.


16 If you want the payment to be unusable after a while, then you can set a date by which the customer must use the payment link, otherwise it will expire. If you do not set a date here, the payment link will not expire.


17 Create a payment in your browser, this will open the payment window in a new tab in your browser.


18 Create a payment link that can be sent to a customer.